Posted on Jul 27, 2013 in Methods

It’s been over three years since my last post (maybe falling in love and getting married had something to do with it), but after my annual Monhegan stint, I’m reflecting about how my outdoor painting “kit” has changed. I’m trying out an aluminum Winsor & Newton Bristol easel as a replacement for my beloved half-box Jullian. Pros: It’s light, and I can easily carry it over my shoulder. If I hang my backpack from the top, the wind doesn’t blow it over. Con: I miss the waist-height drawer. However, by exercising a little ingenuity, along with the aid of heavy-dutyVelcro and binder clips, I have a small “shelf” (a single mesh silverware drawer divider) at waist height that’s enough for some solvent, charcoal, and a few brushes and other necessities. And with binder clips I was able to clip my folding brush holder to it so brushes are within reach. By the time I am too decrepit to scramble up and down the trails of Monhegan Island, I will have this completely figured out.

When one’s time is limited, efficiency becomes more and more important.